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Client Taxes Questionaire

A client tax questionaire

Welcome to your tax questionnaire for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, the 2018 Tax year.

Please answer all questions. If unsure please use  "unsure" as a reponse.

If as a result of the questionnaire your  have to provide additional documents from third parties, please email them to

There are 24 questions in this survey.
Contact Details
Please complete your details and confirm or update details
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Name of Client  or Entity for this Questionaire
Please give Entity Name. Please use additional questions for each enitity
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Best Telephone Contact Number and time
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IRD Number
Balance Date ( for non 31 March put in dd/mm/yyyy)
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Email Address
Records Required
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1. Bank Statements for the complete year (if these have been already supplied by electronic form mark no)
2. Cheque Butts
3. Receipt Books/Deposit Books
4. Cashbooks and or General Ledger Print Out from Accounting System (Detailed as well as journal explianations)

Business and Rental Legal, Mortgage, Finance, and Hire Purchase


Mortgage details Existing and New dependent on bank summaries for year or statements which ever is available
Legal: Settlement Statement, Sale and Purchase Agreements and Supporting Documentation for transactions during year
Business Hire Purchase, lease and/ or Finance Statements as well as settlement statements if applicable for existing/new agreements provide A yearly statement
(This question is mandatory)

Vehicle Log Book or record Sole Trader and Partnerships

Please advise the Business percentage for the year. 


You are required to keep a logbook for three months every three years.

Remember if it is 100% you will need to still complete one every three years.

If you are a company please provide your FBT calculations and working papers. 

(This question is mandatory)

Goods and Services Tax (if Registered)

If we do not complete your GST please provide your working papers/calculation sheets for each GST return.


Wither in electronic format or your manual records

Wages Scheduler Payments Paid or Received

Please provide your wages books in you paid wages

Please provide details if you received wages

Contact me as soon as possible if you have contractors


Please provide your entertainment log or diary to support any entertainment expenses


Please provide details of any New Zealand or Overseas travel expenses claimed

Cash on Hand on 31 March 2017


Float of Hand on hand as on 31 Match 2017
EFTpos Credit Card deposits on hand as on 31 Match 2017

Debtors as at 31 March 2017 (People who owe you money)

People who owe you money

Remember you cannot deduct bad debts after balance date contact me to find out the correct treatment

Date Invoiced                  Whom            Amount


Trading Stock

Please advise Valuation Method and total value


Fixed assets

Please supply full details of purchases greater than $500 and copy of invoice (GST excl. (eg Vehicle, equip, computer etc) Please advise whether asset is new or used,

  1. Full details of all fixed assets sold - including trade-ins

Please advise if any assets need to been scrapped (refer last years asset schedule)Please supply full details of purchases 



Schedule of all outstanding amounts & full name of the creditor, as well as what the creditor is for!


Were all business bankings banked into your trading account during the year? Please provide details of any amounts which were not.





Please advise any possible liabilities that may occur in the near future. Any warranties/guarantees that exist or any major events that have occurred after balance date. eg Bad debts


If you have a room set aside as a study or you use any part of your home for business purposes please provide details of the following expenses.

Rates    Power House Insurance (Home and Contents)   Repairs

Interest Paid (Mortgage)  Water Charges    Rent Paid

Area used (Sq Metres)       Total area of house (sq.m.)

(Office, workshop and garage) Alternatively % of total area.

Personal Income Received Where applicable please email or send advise

Overseas and New Zealand Pensions or annuities Advice Notices and valuation details
Interest and Dividends Include details of tax deducted and imputation credits as well as total values at year end
Other e g Rental, Trust and Estate Income Full details of income received and expenses to be claimed.
Any other income that is not detailed above (Worldwide income, ie overseas etc)

Family Support

Do we have names date of birth and their IRD numbers of Children?. 

(This question is mandatory)
I have completed this questionnaire to the best of my ability and it contains details of all mt income received for the year when viewed with the attachments to emails or mail sent separately 
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